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Sigma Healthcare - Customer Story

Optimising customer loyalty rewards programs

Sigma Healthcare is an Australian wholesaler that distributes pharmaceutical products to thousands of pharmacies across the country. Sigma rewards their members with at least one reward point for every dollar they spend on every transaction they make.

The challenge

Sigma is one of the three largest pharmacy wholesalers on the Australian market, so they needed a way to set themselves apart. They approached MBA because they were looking for a way to improve stickiness with customers, as well as increasing loyalty and the amount they spend with Sigma.

Our solution

We built a custom technology platform to align with their unique member business structures and rewards program. Our team designed processes and data flows to work for them, along with a program strategy and advice every step of the way. We got to work supplying a catalogue of over 500 relevant products and offers that improve customer value and developing a member portal to make it easy for customers to redeem points and access valuable offers.

The team now enjoys member customer service with dedicated branded phone and email support, full live reporting and analysis, and tailored member communication. MBA loyalty program providers ensured Sigma met its goals with our best loyalty program ideas and tools.


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