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Offering benefits is an essential way to strengthen your employee retention plan. Member Benefits Australia has the solution to keep your employees engaged and incentivise desired behaviours.


With our rewards and recognition program module, you can celebrate milestones and other achievements with gift cards redeemable as a part of your employee benefits program. Present your staff with reward options, allowing them to choose the offers they use. Improve job satisfaction and create a meaningful work culture that your employees will be proud to be a part of.

Extended benefits for a financial app

We helped financial app Rollit develop and implement a completely new benefits program in a matter of weeks, satisfying major clients and eliminating customer complaints.

The MBA solution

Working with Member Benefits Australia incentive and loyalty program providers is your chance to create a fully branded platform full of features that will motivate your staff. They receive awards and benefits through an intuitive interface, feeling as though the experience was designed just for them. You can customise menus, features, and the overall presentation of your organisation, offering a meaningful way staff can interact with the company.


Incentivise employees with a customised benefits program that motivates your staff and strengthens your employee engagement program.


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During your free demo, we will take you through every feature and detail of our benefits and rewards program platform. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how we can customise our features to achieve your business objectives.

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