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Creating an eco-system of unique offers


Personalised offers unique
to you

Your benefits marketplace is your chance to turn your business relationships into a unified and motivated community. Strengthen your client loyalty program and deliver a unique experience by adding benefits that are tailored to your audience.  They appreciate the added value of choice and a more personalised user experience.

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The benefits of a marketplace

When you offer a benefits marketplace, your clients can enjoy browsing through and comparing suppliers and offers to choose the options that suit them best. They feel in control of their benefits, an opportunity that will strengthen current customer loyalty and entice prospective applicants. Benefits enrolment is simplified and tailored, with cloud-based features they can explore from anywhere.


As a business, marketplaces help you develop new partnerships with suppliers and generate revenue through advertising opportunities. You can offer a broader range of benefits by spending fewer resources, creating a custom and convenient platform that strengthens business relationships and sense of value for your clients.

The MBA difference


Member Benefits Australia’s benefits marketplace allows you to customise the entire experience with your own branding and unique offers. Users enjoy an intuitive journey with single sign-on integration, and you receive comprehensive, live reporting to understand how they are using the platform.


Our team assigns a dedicated account manager to help you create the perfect Marketplace for your company, so you receive strategic advice and tailored offers as you develop your platform.


We can even help you extend the offer to include a rewards and recognition program and other additional modules. Make your benefits marketplace anything you want it to be with your own custom-branded platform and user journey. Let us tailor our services to your needs to establish a sense of belonging and strengthen connections between clients and your organisation.

Ready to get started?

We offer a free demo to help you understand our platform and service and how it can help you strengthen your connections.


During your free demo, we will take you through every feature and detail of our benefits and customer rewards program software. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how you can customise our features to achieve your business objectives.

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