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Use Cases / Community Organisations

Help drive sponsorship & community engagement

Happy Sports Team

Tap into the local community

Member Benefits Australia helps local sporting clubs and other community-based organisations build benefits programs featuring exclusive local offers. Working with the top loyalty program providers in Australia means you gain access to leading tools to strengthen connections.

Organisations can use our strategic planning and customer rewards program software to add value to organisations membership, foster community connection through communication channels, and share exclusive offers members can access anywhere.

You can also take advantage of advertising assets, offering placements in email newsletters and portal banners for businesses in your area. You can charge for these ads and use the earnings as funding for your organisation.


Kicking goals for
your organisation

The MBA difference

When you work with the customisable Member Benefits Australia software, you enjoy a combination of local sponsorship and access to our partners. Raise sponsorship funds easily while staying in touch with members throughout the year. We offer the best loyalty program ideas and tools and help you strengthen those meaningful connections even during the off-season.


Sporting clubs and other groups can use our platform to strengthen their connections and unite around a
common cause.

Ready to get started?

We offer a free demo to help you understand our service and how it can help you strengthen your connections.


During your free demo, we will take you through every feature and detail of our benefits and rewards program platform. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how we can customise our features to achieve your organisations objectives.

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