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Our bespoke programs

Rewards tailored to your customers


Design & built to meet your goals

You can customise any of our customer loyalty program ideas to create a bespoke platform for your organisation. This is an excellent choice for companies who have specific loyalty goals, as it allows them to create a completely branded experience that will engage their specific users. You know your clients best, so use our software and tools to design a platform catered to their needs.

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More to explore

Custom features

Optimise the customer journey with your bespoke program design and take advantage of IT development to build a custom-branded portal that works with your current systems. You can customise every feature with your desired messaging, domain name, menu options and specifications. Our flexible and intuitive system allows you to create an experience that feels unique to your company, with everything from communication to custom benefits to make the platform yours.

Tailored member support

Enjoy member support tailored to your team. We supply a dedicated phone number and email contacts to make it easy to receive answers when you need them. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your client loyalty program or offer value for your best customers, we have the solutions to achieve your goals and set your brand apart.

Program Communications

MBA develops a custom communications plan developed to work with your existing communications structure.

Receive custom branded communication assets that are easily delivered directly to your program members.

The MBA promise

With MBA’s bespoke programs, you can tailor features, benefits, and presentation to meet your specific needs. Here are a few of the benefits of creating your bespoke rewards or benefits program.

Loyalty and emotional attachment

With our programs, users enjoy a feeling of connection with your brand, which boosts loyalty and emotional attachment. This is your chance to create something meaningful for the people who support your mission, showing them you care with an experience designed just for them.

Drive specific KPIs

You can use your bespoke program to meet specific business goals. Ensure compliance with engaging features and rewarding specific member behaviours. You can customise the software to address your objectives, growing your business your way.

The MBA difference


Working with Member Benefits Australia incentive and loyalty program providers is your chance to create a fully branded platform full of features that will motivate or reward your group members. They receive awards and benefits through an intuitive interface, feeling as though the experience was designed just for them. You can customise menus, features, and the overall presentation of your organisation, offering a meaningful way to interact with your organisation.

Ready to get started?

We offer a free demo to help you understand our platform and service and how it can help you strengthen your connections.


During your free demo, we will take you through every feature and detail of our benefits and employee rewards program software. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how you can customise our features to achieve your business objectives.

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