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Rollit - Customer Story

Extended benefits for a financial app

Rollit is an app that was developed to help users make better financial decisions. Users can access all of their financial information in one place, as well as tools and resources for establishing better financial health. They approached MBA benefits and loyalty program providers to help them improve their benefits offering.

The challenge

Rollit’s original benefits provider did not deliver the service they promised, leading to customer complaints. They needed to transform their program quickly to satisfy major clients and increase the number of benefits they were offering their members.

Our solution

MBA’s experts got to work developing their new program, and we were able to launch it in just a few short weeks. We helped Rollit eliminate customer complaints and deliver a greater range of benefits. Their new program is more user-friendly, with a completely branded design that we integrated seamlessly within the Rollit app. Their team now enjoys end-to-end program operation and management. They can easily manage their portal, offers, and communication to ensure their program satisfies customers and functions as a valuable part of their client retention plan.


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