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Use Cases / Closed User Groups

Programs for closed user groups

Customised and suited to your organisation


Tailored to suit
your organisation

Member Benefits Australia offers benefits programs to suit any organisation, company or closed user group. When you work with the best loyalty program providers in Australia, you can take advantage of the leading tools and software to offer immense value and strengthen ties among your group members.


Use our customer rewards program software to offer added value to your group members. Deliver a sense of community and connection with exclusive offers and secure communication channels they can access from anywhere at any time. 

You’ll also enjoy advertising assets that you can use to generate revenue for your group. Offer placements in email newsletters and portal banners and use the money to fund your benefits program.


The MBA solution

Working with Member Benefits Australia incentive and loyalty program providers is your chance to create a fully branded platform full of features that will motivate or reward your group members. They receive awards and benefits through an intuitive interface, feeling as though the experience was designed just for them. You can customise menus, features, and the overall presentation of your organisation, offering a meaningful way to interact with your organisation.


Tailor features, benefits, and presentation to meet your specific needs or work with us to create a custom solution.

Ready to get started?

We offer a free demo to help you understand our service and how it can help you strengthen your connections.


During your free demo, we will take you through every feature and detail of our benefits and rewards program platform. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how we can customise our features to achieve your organisation's objectives.

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