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Our Points Rewards Programs

Turning customers into advocates


Show Appreciation to Your Customers

Our customer loyalty rewards programs offer redeemable reward points when platform members complete certain behaviours. Improve your client retention plan by caring for your existing customers, showing them you value them by sharing exclusive offers and rewarding their loyalty to your brand. Showing appreciation for your client base is a way to encourage repeat sales, increase profits, and strengthen customer relationships along the way.

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We manage the entire program for you, customising features to your business to create a completely tailored, engaging, and user-friendly experience. We can even manage your marketing plans upon request, ensuring your benefits include offers from business and lifestyle partners that will keep your members highly engaged.

Comprehensive Reporting

With MBA, you receive a live reporting dashboard that includes key metrics to help you monitor user behaviour and learn how users interact with the program.

Program Communications

MBA develops a custom communications plan developed to work with your existing communications structure. Receive custom branded communication assets that are easily delivered directly to your program members.

Incentivise to Drive Business Goals

MBA rewards programs let you incentivise in alignment with your business objectives. Whether you’re aiming to drive more sales, improve sales frequency, minimise customer churn, increase basket size, or boost brand compliance, we can tailor your program to address your specific needs.

A Range of Benefits

Tailor your rewards to create a highly engaging program designed with your members in mind. From travel and dining offers to kids’ toys and retail gift cards, we have rewards you can customise to engage your users.

A Custom Member Journey

Your customer rewards program software will feature a custom-branded platform and custom communications that fit right into your existing communications systems. APIs offer single sign-on for a seamless member experience every step of the way.

The Benefits of Point

Rewards Programs

Not only will your points rewards program drive more sales, it will also promote higher average order values and lower the cost of customer acquisition. With this solution, you can influence which items your customers purchase, offer points rather than heavy discounts, and improve retention rates over time. You’ll also benefit from data collected with user profiles, so you can observe customer behaviour and use insights to drive future campaigns.

The MBA Difference

When you choose MBA, our customer rewards program software is at your fingertips, providing your customers with the opportunity to be a part of something unique. This instills a sense of belonging and emotional attachment within current customers and inspires new audiences to join in on a valuable experience. You enjoy a competitive advantage over the competition, boosting loyalty, gaining more profits, and staying top-of-mind with your audience.


Ready to Get Started?

We offer a free demo to help you understand our platform and service and how it can help you strengthen your connections. During your free demo, we will take you through every feature and detail of our client loyalty program software. We invite you to discover the benefits for yourself and learn how you can customise our features to achieve your business objectives.

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